Looking for actors for Dracula movie

Hey everyone

I am normally doing action and comedy movies and am trying something a little different.

For this I am looking for:
- Woman 18 - 35 who can speak perfect Brittish english and American english. This is a double role, so good acting is essential.

- Man 20 - 35 native brittish english speaker. A nice voice, kind of narrative style.

The brittish part takes place in the15th century. The rest will be modern day.

The movie will take place between December 15th and December 17th.

We're also looking for an apartment/house where parts with the woman will be shot at.

For the woman character please send me a voice sample in Brittish and American english, and for the man send me a voice sample in brittish english. If you have a showreel or anything to show your acting, send this as well including a portrait and a full body picture at info@lightflashproductions.com

Looking forwards to hearing from all of you.