Editor for Shortfilm - YAHR

We are looking for an editor for an English language short film with a 15-minute run time.

Photography of the film is completed and the material is waiting to go into post-production.

Since all crew have worked for free, the editor should also be willing to work unpaid. It is an opportunity to get a credit on a short film and platforms such as imdb and to hone your skills on real world film material. Ideally, we'd like to receive applications from recent graduates or advanced students with specialization in film editing.

You should have free access to an editing suite/computer.

The edit must be completed by 25th June.

You must work in either DaVinci Resolve (ideally), Avid Media, Sony Vegas, or potentially in Premiere Pro. Video Material was shot in BlackmagicRaw 25fps 4.6k resolution on a S35 sensor. Color grading will be done in DaVinci after picture lock. Roundtrips between programs using xml-files or avid-files is conceivable. Delivery specs should be DCI2k resolution and 25fps.

We will show applicants rushes that we have already edited and graded so he/she can gauge the quality and feel of the film. A first impression can be obtained from the attached picture.

The editor will have great freedom in his/her choices editing this film.

Overall we have shot extremely beautiful material of a great cast on original locations that will tell an engaging little crime story/drama playing in Zürich. However, it must be added that due to severe time constraints during shooting, the coverage of the scenes is not always ideal and a couple of shots, such as the odd transition between scenes or establishing shots that we should have ideally made are missing. This results in a few jumps here and there. The editor should find creative ways to circumnavigate these problems.

The film is a graduation project of an SAE film student. The intent is also to send this film to film festivals around the world.

Thanks for your attention and we are looking forward to receiving your application with relevant information regarding your experience (including ideally a showreel) and interest in the project. Please send to alexmorworks@gmail.com using the subject YAHR - Editor.

For any further information you can also call me: 0764249399.

Best regards,