Looking for Crew Members for a Professional Short Film.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, we are at the moment a professional film crew of 3-5 people in total.

We are interested in making a short film around 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes long for a Film project.

We already some years of experience in filmmaking, mainly advertisement, but this time we're thinking of creating a professional short film, our website is www.alexmorworks.com.

Feel free to pick out more jobs below at once. Again we are not paying or being payed to create this film, so it's free work. But if you'd like something professional for your portfolio and CV feel free to join us.

As professional as it is, we don't mind if you're a beginner or just freshly starting your career, feel free to join us anyway.

It would look great for your portfolio and CV, but remember this is a passion project, so with our budget, we can't afford to pay anyone.

The results would be fantastic for your portfolio and CV, and you could get away with saying you worked for a professional film crew and would be credited for it.

We are still working on the script but would be more than happy to have more crew members, for the following:

Crew Members we are looking for:

Actors 7-8 in Total - An actor is a person who portrays a character in a performance (also actress).

CINEMATOGRAPHER - The director of photography, or DP, is responsible for capturing the script on film or video. The DP must pay attention to lighting and the camera's technical capabilities. When the director wants a shot to achieve certain visual or atmospheric qualities, the DP achieves it through his or her choice of lighting, film stock and careful manipulation of the camera. This craft is referred to as cinematography.

Lighting Technician Electrician - During the production phase, an electrician will rig lights, run cables, and ensure a steady flow of power for lights and equipment either on set or on location.

Script Writer - The term “Written By” in the credits is a Writers Guild of America designation meaning “Original Story and Screenplay By.” The writer creates and shapes an original story, or adapts a book, play or other work for use on the big screen. A script may go through many writers, so the Writer’s Guild of America must often determine who gets screen credit as the Writer.

Boom Operator / Sound Recorder – The boom operator is a sound crew member who handles the microphone boom, a long pole that holds the microphone near the action but out of frame, allowing the microphone to follow the actors as they move.

Storyboarder / Artist - A storyboard is a visual representation of a film sequence and breaks down the action into individual panels. It is a series of ordered drawings, with camera direction, dialogue, or other pertinent details. It sketches out how a video will unfold, shot by shot.

Film Editor - The editor works with the director in editing the film. The director has the primary responsibility for editing decisions, but the editor often has significant input in the creative decisions involved in putting together a final cut of a movie. The editor often starts work while the film is still being shot, by assembling preliminary cuts from the daily footage. Increasingly, editors work on computerized editing consoles without touching the actual film.

DIRECTOR - The director is primarily responsible for overseeing the shooting and assembly of a film. While the director might be compared to a novel's author as a film's primary visionary, he or she would not be able to make the film without the help of numerous other artists and technicians.

Assistant Director - The assistant director is the individual that works out the administrative tasks associated with the production of your short film.

Background Recorder, Photography, Behind of Scenes - Someone who records and takes photography of the behind of scenes in a film and the crew.

Producer / Money Manager / Pre-Production Creator - This person is essentially the group leader and is responsible for managing the production from start to finish.

Assistant Cameraman – Often there is a first and second assistant cameraman. The first assistant cameraman is generally responsible for the maintenance of the camera. The first assistant cameraman also changes lenses, maintains focus during shots, marks the spots where actors will stand and measures the distance between the camera and the subject matter. The second assistant cameraman fills out camera reports and is often responsible for loading and unloading camera magazines, which contain the film. (Also see film loader.)

Production Manager / Film Equipment Organiser – The production manager (P.M.) makes business deals with the crew and arranges for the production’s technical needs. This includes everything from obtaining the right technical equipment to renting accommodations for actors and crew.

Location Manager / Scout / Organiser / Planner - The location manager is a member of the film crew responsible for finding and securing locations to be used, obtaining all fire, police and other governmental permits, and coordinating the logistics for the production to complete its work.

Costumer / Set Dresser – The costumer, or wardrobe person, takes care of the costumes on the set, keeping them in good, clean condition, and making sure the right actor gets the right costume. Set Dresser – The set dresser is responsible for everything on a set except props that are essential to the scene. The set dresser selects items like drapes, artwork, bed linens, dishes and anything else, to make the set a realistic environment.

Production Caterer – The production caterer provides all the meals for a production, especially for on-location shoots. The caterer makes sure that the food provided meets the needs of the cast, often including special items for the star of the movie.

Transportation Coordinator – The transportation coordinator makes sure that actors, crew and equipment have some way of getting to the location shoot. He or she coordinates the use of everything from limos to semis.

Press Kit Maker - Press kit is an image booklet of your film, which contains detailed information about the project.

Production Assistant – Often called a gofer or a runner on the set, the production assistant (P.A.) performs small but essential tasks for the cast and crew.

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Remember to send us your wanted roles in our short film and a photo/video of yourself. The details of the short film will be sent to you after contact.