Looking for Crew Members for a Professional Short Film 

Looking for Crew Members for a Professional Short Film


For an upcoming short film project, we are looking for dynamic collaborators to join our crew.

The shooting dates will be from 17-20th of May (4-5 shooting days) and the 21st will be just incase we need an extra shooting date.

The dates 24th-28th of May (5 shooting days) should be left open as back up dates, incase of missing shots.

The Post-Production, sound editing, & film score, also backing up of footage etc.. should take place starting from the 17th or the 24th of May or earlier.

Please update us if you are not available on any of those given dates.

We hope everyone is flexible enough though to be able to fit in with our schedule.

As a creative team, we aspire to create a professional piece of work, although we will be operating on a very low budget. As such, this will largely be an unpaid film project. Nevertheless, we hope to see interest by both amateur and professional collaborators who are willing to give their best, learn from each other, and forge new networks.

Naturally, everyone will be credited for their work on the project and will of course receive access to the final edited film for use on their own personal/professional platforms.

A separate casting call for actors/actresses will be listed in the coming days.

Short Film: You’ll Always Have Rebecca

SUMMARY: You’ll Always Have Rebecca is a psychological drama set in the fictional world of a social escort services establishment called the Diamond and follows the experience of its popular social escort, Rebecca, as she journeys towards freedom from its unscrupulous leader, known to all as Uncle Frank. The movie is set over a 2-day period during which startling revelations are made by her mother Linda, Uncle Frank and her girlfriend Tasya, threatening to disrupt her sense of identity.

The following lists various crew members still needed, along with their main duties.

Anyone interested should contact Aleksandra Morf:



+41 79 550 42 86


Costumer / Set Dresser / Props - To take care of the costumes on the set, keeping them in good, clean condition, and making sure the right actor gets the right costume. The set dresser will be responsible for creating a realistic environment. Also collecting costumes & props for the film project.

Boom Operator / Sound Recorder – To handle the microphone boom, allowing the microphone to follow the actors as they move.

DIT - A Digital Imaging Technician (DIT), has three primary responsibilities: data wrangling and protection, assisting the DP, and dailies. At large, DIT’s have many responsibilities as the digital format becomes increasingly advanced and more complicated. We need DIT to cut - backup - make copies of all video files to all hard-drives & double check everything.

Transportation Coordinator – To make sure that actors, crew, and equipment have some way of getting to the location shoot.

Covid Runners - People who are responsible for hygiene on set.

Production Assistants – To perform small but essential tasks for the cast and crew. Collecting costumes & props for the film project.

Production Caterer – To see to the provision of meals for the production’s on-location shoots.

Location Manager / Scout - To help find and secure locations to be used, obtaining all fire, police, and other governmental permits, and coordinating the logistics for the production to complete its work.

Film Equipment Organiser – To make business deals with the crew and arranges for the production’s technical needs.

Lighting Technician Electrician – To help rig lights, run cables, and ensure a steady flow of power for lights and equipment either on set or on location.

Intimacy Coordinator – To help choreograph scenes involving sensual, sexual, intimate scenes between actors and to serve as a liaison/coordinator between the performers and the director/production team.

Background Recorder, Photography, Behind of Scenes – To record and take photography of the behind of scenes in a film and the crew.

Storyboarder / Artist – To provide the shot-by-shot visual representation of a film sequence and break down the action into individual panels which detail camera direction, dialogue, etc.

Press Kit Maker – To produce an image booklet of the film containing detailed information about the project.

Film Editor - To work with the director in editing the film, assembling preliminary cuts from the daily footage. To use editing software to stylize the footage, emphasizing the visual tone and atmosphere of a movie and making it look more cinematic.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Aleksandra Morf