looking for English Speaking Game Masters

THE SAME Productions and Films

THE SAME Productions & Films produces various interactive crime story events (City Murder Mysteries, Weekend Murder Mysteries, Murder on Board, River Pirates and Online Murder Mysteries). To reinforce our Team, we are looking for motivated actors/actresses who are willing to grow. They will lead our Online Murder Mysteries as a game master and perform as suspects or witnesses. An immediate start is preferred but a beginning on an arranged date would be possible as well.

Our Online Murder Mystery is a digital riddle game, in which via zoom hints can be collected and suspects questioned. The participants themselves will act as investigators and interview the suspects and witnesses. The events will be held in English, German and French. You can expect a young, dynamic and creative team, flexible working hours and exciting projects, that you can actively participate in.

Our mission is to create events that bring people together, delight the participants and stay in their mind as an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, we want to give our actors/actresses the opportunity to express themselves in a creative way, to train their improvisation skills and earn something for their living, especially in times like this.

Our goal is to become the largest company for Online Murder Mysteries in the US and Europe, so we can inspire thousands of people.

The production expects:

- Acting training or much acting experience with improvisation

- Joy and willingness to work with newly created situations within the frame of the role
(e.g. with the reaction of a guest) in a positive and playful way without damaging the artistic quality and content of the piece.

- Flexibility

- Versatility

- Team spirit

- Confidence outside of your comfort zone

- A good internet connection

- good skills in organizing and planning

- Competent handling of digital elements and
technology. Experience with the programmes Zoom and Teams is advantageous; in
addition, a good microphone and camera are essential.


- 1 meeting

- Fixed script as a basis for improvisation

- Online Murder Mystery events with a duration of approx. 3 hours (in the evening from approx. 7pm
and on weekends)

What we offer:

- Lots of fun with the investigators

- Great team

- Possibility of contribution

- Flexible scheduling

- Exciting stories

- Interesting working environment


Please send us your CV with a photo and a short video of yourself:

- Presentation in English and if possible, additionally in German or French

- A impro scene with the character described below:

female role: Vivian Sommer https://l.ead.me/bbpcje

male role: Nikki Canone https://l.ead.me/bbpcl8

You can send the videos via WeTransfer, Dropbox or mail to zentrale@stadt-krimi.ch

Please apply here: https://sp-bewerbungen.funnelcockpit.com/schauspieler-bewerbungen-landing-page-d-2/

We are looking forward to your application!

THE SAME Productions & Films

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