2 Day Motioncapture Workshop for Actors & Dancers

2 Day Motioncapture Workshop for Actors & Dancers

Start your Motioncapture Journey today. SIgn up for our exciting Mocap workshop.


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Learn to develop and play fantasy & creature characters for videogames & animation.
In our performance & movement focused workshop, you will get the tools, knowledge & a full performance day in the suit to start your journey into motioncapture. With your imagination & individuality and our experience in the action & motioncapture scenes of London & Switzerland, it is going to be an action & performance packed weekend of learning lots of new skills and creating your showreel material at our mocap studio, The Quantumstage. Workshop featuring:

- Stage & Screen combat basics (Bühnenkampf) with a Swiss Stuntman ( Mad Heidi )
- Creature Movement Basics
- Character development: How to portray Super / Non-human characters
- Locomotion: How to play & move for videogames
- SHOWTIME: Your chance to shine! Scene work & Freeplay showing off your skills


Limited to 6 performers to give you the best training. Workshop price: 500.-
To Book your spot contact: ophir@quantum-stage.com
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Studio website: www.quantum-stage.com