Enea Francia


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With more than five years of experience in the video field, I bring a versatile skill set to video production. 🎥🎥🎥

After studying audiovisual sciences with a specialization in direction, I gained hands-on experience by working with the Locarno Film Festival and Jazz Festival. Post-graduation, I continued to build on this foundation, accumulating over two years of professional experience. This includes a valuable internship as a Production Assistant in a video agency in Zurich, where I actively contributed to various aspects of video production.
Now, as a self-employed video maker and Visual Designer operating throughout Switzerland, I offer a diverse skill set honed over my educational and professional journey. My portfolio covers a broad spectrum, including Branded Entertainment, Short Films, Commercials, Corporate videos, Documentaries, Employer Branding, Event coverage, and Social Media content.

Currently involved in the pre-production of 'The Flower of Srebrenica,' and with plans to direct a Short Film 'Meditating on a Chair' in January 2024, I am confident that my background uniquely positions me as an asset to any team, ready to enhance the success of your projects.