Universität Zürich 2023


My name is Hannah Dobbertin and I am a 19-year-old Swiss filmmaker. I made my first stop-motion films when I could barely hold a camera and rediscovered my love for filmmaking at the age of sixteen. I’ve been making short videos ever since. In my last year of high school I produced a 23-minute narrative film about two refugees at different times.

During my exchange year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I had the amazing opportunity to take film classes and help as an intern at the Santa Fe Community College, where I learned a lot about lighting, sound, editing and the history of film.

I’m currently enrolled at the University of Zurich and studying history and film sciences. I’m also working on several smaller projects and will apply for the Film Academy in Munich, Germany, next winter.


- A little too much, Juli 2015

- Footprints, April 2016

- Stalk, Mai 2016

- He, she, her, him, September 2016

- Their voices matter, Oktober 2016

- Was chamer mache?, November 2016

- Bloom, November 2016

- Sparen an der Zukunft, Dezember 2016

- Solibrugg, Januar 2017

- She is gone, März 2017

- Seiten des Lebens, November 2017