🎬 CASTING CALL: Short Film - "Escape Room"

📅 Casting Ends: December 15, 2023

📅 Shooting days are planned in: late January/February, 2024

🎥 Project Description: We're thrilled to announce a non-budget short film, "Escape Room," delving into friendship dynamics and redemption. A group of friends, once close but now distant, reunites unexpectedly in an escape room. Past conflicts and unresolved tensions resurface as they navigate puzzles together. Through challenges and heartfelt conversations, they confront their differences, mend broken bonds, and rediscover the essence of their friendship. As they solve the puzzles, they not only strive to escape the room but also rebuild the connections they once cherished, emerging stronger and more united than before.

🎭 Roles Available:
Gianna (Female, 20-25) - A popular and confident girl, concealing inner vulnerabilities. She grapples with the need for acceptance.
Sophy (Female, 20-25) - An artist whose past relationships have left emotional scars. She seeks reconciliation and acceptance for her unique artistic vision.
Finn (Male, 20-25) - A kind-hearted individual, burdened by the loss of a sibling. He harbors unresolved emotions and seeks solace within his friend group.
Jace (Male, 20-25) - Hardheaded and insecure, Jace struggles with past mistakes and the consequences of prioritizing popularity over friendships.

🎬 Requirements:

- Fluency in English is essential.

- Ability to improvise and bring depth to characters.

- No particular experience needed, just need to be able to form a genuine connection with the other actors

🌟 Audition Details:
- Submit a headshot, resume (if available), and a brief introduction Video indicating the role you're applying for and your interest in
the character. Include any relevant experience or personal insights into the character.

- Submit to this E-mail:

🎉 Join us on this
cinematic journey! Embrace the chance to explore multifaceted characters and
showcase your talent in a captivating narrative.

Kind regards, 👋