🎬 CREW CASTING CALL: Short Film - "Escape Room"

📅 Shooting days are planned in: late January/February, 2024

🎥 Project Overview:
We're excited to invite
passionate and dedicated individuals to join our non-budget short film project,
"Escape Room." The film delves into themes of friendship, redemption,
and teamwork as a group of friends navigates challenges within an enigmatic
escape room.

🛠️ Crew Positions Available:
Director's Assistant - A motivated individual to assist in various pre-production and on-set tasks, aiding the director's vision.
Production Designer - A creative mind to oversee set design, props, and visual aesthetics, ensuring they align with the narrative.
Cinematographer/DP - An experienced individual to capture the film's visual essence and collaborate closely with the director.
Sound Designer/Engineer - A skilled professional to create and oversee sound elements, ensuring quality audio throughout.
Editor - Proficient in post-production software to craft the final narrative, bringing together footage and sound seamlessly.

🎬 Requirements:
- Relevant experience in the desired position.
- Commitment to the project's schedule and vision.
- Ability to collaborate and contribute creatively to the film.
- Please note that this is a non-budget production, but you can use all the footage on your Platforms and your projects.

🌟 Application Details:
- Submit a resume/portfolio highlighting relevant
- experience and a brief cover letter expressing your interest in the role.
- Specify the crew position you're applying for in your submission.

Submit to this E-mail:

🎉 Join us on this cinematic journey! Be part of a dedicated team shaping a compelling
narrative and bringing it to life on screen.
Kind regards, 👋