Directors (inspiring or student) DPs, film ppl and producers

This is a reaching out post , hi My name is basit, I'm a young and hungry Cinematography.

I started my career professionally around 2 years ago, I started off working with Switzerland's biggest stars such as ZEKI and Gusti (Jounge Gustav) but my eyes were always on to become a Cinematographer, I than transitioned into double more corporate commerical work in thurgau as in thurgau that's the market.

Later I interned for a small studio and shot a lot for SBB with the agenct RON ORP.

in recent my months I've worked more in Zurich working with productions and agencies as SAP, farbfilm, 808 production, TBWA. I also worked for a big agency as video producer.

I'll be shooting My first feature film for a student director from F und F school in Jan 2024.

So if you're an up and coming director or student director or a DP or a gaffer or anyone from the film field feel free to reach out and connect on my insta/mail or if you wanna talk about how film is better than digital.

Here is a link to my unfinished showreel and socials




Insta (DOP)

Insta (Content creator)