Extras + Homeless Role for Feature Film (BERN)

We are currently looking for extras to play sitting inside a tram and a man in his 40s to 50s to play a homeless man role inside the tram.
We will be shooting this on the 28th of April, in Bern.

Contact me: info@mindmazepictures.com
About the movie:

A florist apprentice called Laura, sets her mind on figuring out what she truly wants out of her miserable life, as she drags herself through her mental confusion. Having had to grow up with highly stressed Parents, Laura has found inner peace
amidst botany, plants, and the arts. Although Laura's home environment isn't the greatest, we see that she remains in contact with two particular individuals, Julius, (her on-and-off boyfriend), and Fernandez, (her charming friend), who help her feel less lonely. Even though Laura seeks therapeutic help, she can’t help herself from falling in love with the beauty within what is broken and naive, while rejecting that which is kind and nurturing. Right after the mysterious death of her Father, she finds her life being turned upside down along with the development of a difficult relationship with her mother. As her father's case is investigated and she gets support from loved ones, Laura discovers a dark truth about life and the people around her.