Help for video projects

Dear Friend,

My name is Clara and I am doing the MA dance in ZHdK.

I am in search of help to make 2 video projects.

The 1st one is already pretty much set, I do have the music already (also coming from a zhdk student in composition) and have the whole idea in mind. I just would need someone to film and do the montage for me.

Ideally to be filmed in September/October.

The other project will be more of a collaborative work. So if you feel like you want to explore/experiment on shoots and montage, this could be a good way.

For the filming, it can be in December or January, to see depending on our availability. (the music is in process and will be used as a source of inspiration)

If you feel a call for it, I would be happy to meet with you and we could discuss more about.

0762676321 is my number, don't hesitate!!

Thank you and all the best