Kino Guarimba A Film Residency

Kino Guarimba is part of Cinemambulante, a cultural integration festival in Calabria (Southern Italy) organised by La Guarimba. The fifth edition will take place in Amantea (Cs) between 10th-21st September 2021. One of our aims is to help integrate the large community of refugees living in our town.

We are on the lookout for filmmakers, technical crew and actors willing to learn and interact with others, to get stuck in even when communication becomes complicated.
A 12 days Cinema Residency in southern Italy where a group of international creatives who don’t know each other get together to write, shoot, edit and screen short films.

Calabria is a melting pot of cultures from Ancient Greek to Modern Italian, including Arbërëshë, Albanese, Subsaharian African and Latin American cultures. In the region, you will find dialects, folk music and dances, catholic and pagan rituals, culinary expressions, the mountain and the sea among farmers and fishermen.

You can apply here unil the 30th of July :