Looking for a photographer for my Album Cover

Hello dear people!

I am looking for a photographer for my album cover. I want to do a photoshoot in the Masoala Regenwald, Zurich.

The idea is to do a portrait of myself with a jungle background.

I already have some ideas and references, but I am open to yours if you want to share some inputs with me.

I have a budget to pay for your time and work, so hit me up and let's talk about it.

I am free the following dates (preferably in April and/or the underlined dates):

20.04 (10h-18h)

21.04 (10h-14h)

22.04 (10h-15h)

23.04 (10h-12h)

24.04 (10h-18h)

25.04 (10h-18h)

26.04 (16h-18h)

27.04 (10h-18h)

01.05 (10h-18h)

02.05 (10h-18h)

06.05 (10h-18h)

07.05 (10h-18h)

08.05 (10h-18h)

09.05 (10h-13h30 and 16h-18h) *I can also cancel stuff and be available the whole day

11.05 (10h-18h)

12.05 (10h-18h)

13.05 (10h-18h)

14.05 (10h-18h)

If you are interested, please contact me here:

Dominique Hunziker


+41 76 249 46 92