Looking for actors

Hi everyone we are currently looking for individuals to play some of the following roles for our feature film. In this project, we all work voluntarily and if we are lucky to win prizes with this feature movie we will divide the amount fairly with everyone.

(Festivals we will attempt to apply to: Locarno Festival, ZFF, Geneva film festival, Lisbon Film festival...and others)

Type of Job: Voluntary / Acting
Location of filming: Bern

Frontal roles:
Woman - Main role (20s)
Male - between 40 - 60, therapist, predator, bald
Male - between 35 - 50, father, agressive, bald

Female - 40s to 50s, mother, narcissistic, brown hair

Male - 20s, self absorbed, prideful, blond

Male - asian, 20s, cheater

Male - 40s, bald, control freak

Female - 40s - 60s, teacher, short hair

Female - 20s, friend of Main role, annoyed

2x Males - Detectives

Very Small roles:
- Family with a kid of around 6 to 9 yrs old

- 3 Males - 20s, smokers, gangsters

- 3 Males - Emergency doctors

Extras to walk in the background are welcome!

Contact; mindmazeproductions@outlook.com