Looking for Actresses for a short film


I'm looking for three actresses for my graduation film at the Swiss Film School, which will probably be shot in March in the Zurich area. It's about a love story between two girls and an incomprehensible sister who just wants to do everything right.


Lilli, 16

Lilli is very religious and therefore struggles with her feelings for Polina. She also has a very close relationship with her older sister Emma.

- Should have a basic knowledge of English, but may have an accent and make mistakes

Polina, 16

Polina is self-confident, but the war in her home country has shaken her world view. She communicates with Lilli in English.

- Should have a Ukrainian background

- should have a basic knowledge of English, accent and mistakes okay too

Emma, 21

Emma is Lilli's big sister who looks after her on her own. She is also very religious and does not understand Lilli's love for Polina.

All roles should be able to cope with dogs. Unfortunately, a fee cannot be paid as this is a student project, but there will be catering at the shoot and you will of course be invited to the premiere in our school cinema. If you are suitable for one of these roles, please contact michelle-graf@bluewin.ch. Please send me a photo of you (can also be taken with your cell phone), your name and your age. But you can also get in touch if you don't fit a role, as we are also looking for actors for other projects.

I look forward to hearing from you!