Looking for Crew, Extras or Actors (Location: Bern)

Hi my name is Bruna Pereira, I am a 21yro Film student, who is currently working on a dystopian movie.
The story focuses on the psychological aspects that our future could have if we keep on the track we are currently on. How the development of an AI called Siennai, promises to end slavery, famine, war, abuse and danger for good. Where humans live under the influence of their devices, being advised on how to "feel, think and behave".
It's just a student project, so i won't be able to pay those who are helping.
(Those who are interested will get access to the script for more info)
There's no age limit.
Film Location: Bern
Current number of actors/extras: 20 people
In the pdf file you can see our filming dates.
Contact: 0767414645
Email: brunacarvalhopereira@outlook.com