Looking for Crew members

Are you looking to join a Team where you are part of people who thrive with passion? Then you might consider joining our crew.
We aim to create exciting films that will cause the audience to learn, inspire, feel and see the world and specific subjects in new ways. We believe that above anything else a clear vision and strong passion is enough to make any of your dreams and goals happen if one has the will to work with that passion.

Our future projects are to run in film festivals and if we are lucky enough in local Cinemas.
Most of the people we work with are aspiring actors, writers, editors, producers, directors, and so forth, this means that so far we all work in our free time while working on side jobs. Meaning that unfortunately, we all are volunteering to help make an idea come to reality.

If you are an amateur, if you have no experience, or if you want to try something new, we welcome you to join us! Be that by holding the mic, the camera, directing extras, taking BTS photos, script proof reading...etc

We are excited to hear from you and meet you :)
Filming locations: Canton Bern
Location: Bern City