Looking for english speaking actors for our Short Film

For our project we are in need of some actors.

Alex is a hotheaded troublemaker. His life has gone downhill ever since the death of his Mother.

After meeting Neil, a mute artist, Alex is making drastic changes to improve his situation, but While Alex is slowly rebuilding his life, the life of his older brother Ben seems to fall apart rapidly.

The plan is to shoot 5 Days in june near Baden

These are the available roles

-Alex 17-21 Young hothead who is trying to find his place in the world.

-Ben 24-28 Police officer and older brother who is desperately trying to fix Alex's mistakes. ( has to be able to drive a car )

-Neil 47-50 Mute and lonely artist who lost his family. Neil acts as a spiritual guide to Alex.

-Hektor 50-55 The Father of Alex and ben who became a heavy drinker after losing his Wife.

Since this is a Student Film we have a very low budget and wont be able to pay you.

if you are interested and wanna know more contact us either here or use the mail addresses below

sven.rechsteiner@hotmail.com or luca.romoli03@gmail.com