Looking for more Crew members (Current and future projects)

We are currently looking for more Crew members.

We started Mindmaze about a year ago, with the hope that one day we would be producing our own feature film. 2023 was the year when our dream became real with Hydrangeas Blood, which will premiere in September 2024. Right now, as a team of 6 people, we are looking to expand a bit more. Although, we haven't been able to get our fair share from the amount of work put into making movies. We proudly continue to do it, for the fun, for the passion, and for the life force behind storytelling. We are looking for people who share this same ambition and courage to do something they love, unafraid from what the future may hold for them.

If you love filmmaking.
If you have a story to tell.
If you have something you want the world to see or hear.
If you have a passion for aesthetically pleasing visuals.
Then we are proud to take you on our team and make your idea become real.

Type of job: Volunteer
Amount of time wished: Preferably Sundays and/or Saturdays (the amount of days can be organized according to how much you wish to help)

Open Tasks:
Sound Designers
Art Directors
Production Designers
Sound designers/ engineers
Costume Designers
Makeup artists
Script readers
Director assistants

If you are interested or have questions, write us here: info@mindmazepictures.com
Site: Mindmazepictures.com