Looking for Student Video Post-Production Editor!


I'm searching for a student post-production editor who can edit a short action trailer commercial by tomorrow (July 25th) or by Wednesday, July 26th at the latest. If you love editing and have some free times at hand, then this would be the perfect opportunity for you, as well as to enhance your skills, and become a person I would directly contact for future employment!

It wouldn't be a paid job for the moment, but I really need someone to edit this for me, and if it goes well, I'll offer paid post-production tasks in the future! So this would be a sort of practice round! And if everything goes well, believe me when I say you'll be getting a lot more upcoming project opportunities from me directly!

If this project goes well and I have faith in you, I will come to you with future larger projects for paid employment!

I need a 15-second HF trailer (Instagram story) and a 19-second landscape trailer (Insta reel/post & YouTube advertisements). I'd like to have a first draft as soon as possible! There are only 13 items for video footage to edit from, and some music to add directly to the edit. I'd provide you a Dropbox link so you could download the footage and the music! You might directly send me the finished versions in 2K via a Vimeo download link. It would be for personal use only, thus you would not be allowed to put it in your portfolio! Except when there would be other upcoming projects!

Please send me your portfolio of recent post-production work, as well as your phone number, to the email address listed below! After you contact me, I will send you my phone number via email, which you may then call or text; please contact me at: lexiamavka@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!