Screenwriting Course - Basel


My name is Jonty Acton and I am a Filmmaker, Screenwriter and Film Lecturer from South Africa.

I'm running a Feature Film Screenplay Writing Workshop due to begin in April in Basel, Switzerland.

The writing workshop would provide
an opportunity for you to produce a full- length feature
screenplay in the English language over the 8-week course.

I developed the course in association with the SAE Institute in Cape Town, South Africa.

The course consists of a total of 16 sessions, 2 sessions per week. Each session is 2 hours in length.

The course is conducted in English.

Students will need to arrive with several story ideas, one of which will be developed
and turned into a fully completed English language full-length screenplay by the end of the course.

The lessons are conducted in a workshop-style, with all students helping each other to craft and create
a strong visual story under my guidance.

Below is a brief course outline:

1: Overview of the writing process - understanding the journey
Class 2:
Originating and evaluating the Idea and developing a Logline
Class 3: Creating Characters
Class 4: Tranformational Arcs
Class 5: Deep Structure: Understanding the Sequence
Class 6: Dialogue and Subtext
Class 7: Producing the Step Outline
Class 8: The one page Synopsis
Class 9: Introduction to the treatment
Class 10: Screenplay format
Class 11: The Business of Screenwriting
Class 12: Funding
Class 13: Craft of the Re-Write - Part 1
Class 14: Craft of the Re-Write - Part 2
Class 15: Marketing
Class 16: Final Feedback

Please get in touch with me if you'd like more information about course fees and start dates. You can reach me at

Kind Regards
Jonty Acton