Calling all VFX Makeup Artists!!!

Are you a talented VFX Makeup Artist ready to bring a thrilling scene to life? We're searching for someone skilled in creating realistic effects for our cinematic no-budget short film, "The Magic Trick"!


(Attached for more details)


  • Filming: on one of these dates 26th may/ 30th may/ 31th may/ 1st june
  • Duration: 1 shooting day at night / midnight
  • Location: Hardbrücke Zurich
  • Task: Transforming the actor to look like they've been run over by a car and are dead

Other information

Because it’s a no-budget short film, there is no payment. However, travel expenses and food will be covered by us. Additionally, it will be submitted to film festivals worldwide, and you can use it for your own portfolio.

If you're interested in this unique opportunity,

please send your portfolio till 5th of may to my Email: Leyla.144@iCloud or

Instagram: @leylachykulina

Excited for your application 🌟