Are you an actress in her 30s to 60s who resembles the protagonist in the picture below and could play the role of her mother? If so, we want you for our cinematic no-budget short film, "The Magic Trick"!

(You can find the synopsis attached)

She's a strict mother who treats her teenage daughter as if she were a little child.


  • between 30 - 60 years old (playing age)
  • can speak and act in English
  • has dark hair and brown eyes ( esembles the protagonist in the picture below )
  • Acting experience/ training is an advantage but not a must


  • Thriller/ Horror.
  • Elements of coming of age
  • The story revolves around a teenage girl's desire to grow up and break free from being treated like a child.

Filming date

For the role of the mother only 2 shooting days (26th, 30th, 31st of may or 1st june)
One day will be in person, and the other will be a phone call scene where we only need your voice, so you don't have to be on set.

Other Details

Because it’s a no-budget short film, there is no payment. But lots of fun and free food is guaranteed.

Will be sent to Filmfestivals worldwide.

You can also use it for your own showreel.

Audition Details

If you’re interested to audition please fill in the application at

If that doesn't work, take a screenshot of the answers from the form and send it to me at till 01.05.2024 latest!


Feel free to contact me on Instagram @leylachykulina ,

my phone number 078 868 74 94 or via Email

I‘m excited for your application 🌟